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Instructor’s Manual Exploring Strategy Ninth edition Gerry Johnson Richard Whittington Kevan Scholes Steve Pyle For further instructor material please visit: ISBN: 978-0-273-73557-1 (printed) ISBN: 978-0-273-73552-6 (web)  Pearson Education Limited 2011 Lecturers adopting the main text are permitted to download and photocopy the manual as required. Pearson Education Limited Edinburgh Gate Harlow Essex CM20 2JE England and Associated Companies around the world. Visit us on the World Wide Web at: ---------------------------------This edition published 2011 © Pearson Education Limited 2011 The rights of Gerry Johnson, Richard Whittington and Kevan Scholes to be…show more content…
Mergers and De-mergers in the Public Sector Severstal Queensland Rail: QR Ltd (QR) The Changan-Ford Joint Venture: Same Bed but Different Dreams? TNK-BP: from Russia Without Love – a Joint Venture That Almost Fell Apart International HIV / AIDS Alliance Doman Synthetic Fibres plc (B) Sony Corporation: Restructuring Continues, Problems Remain LEAX: Managing Through a Crisis Design and Development of Strategy Processes at RACC Consulting in MacFarlane Solutions NHS Direct: Managing in Difficult Times 235 254 257 264 270 276 281 285 289 295 299 307 311 317 322 326 329 335 340 345 350 353 357 4 © Pearson Education Limited 2011 Johnson, Whittington and Scholes, Exploring Strategy, 9th Edition, Instructor’s Manual Supporting resources Visit the Exploring Strategy, ninth edition Companion Website at Register to create your own personal account using the access code supplied with the copy of the book. Access the following teaching and learning resources: Resources for students • A dynamic eText of the book which you can search, bookmark, annotate and highlight as you please • Self-assessment questions that identify your strengths before recommending a personalised study plan that

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