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1. Assume ParaWorld was eventually ordered to cease and desist due to IP infringement. What category of IP has ParaWorld most likely infringed? Explain the actions that constitute such an infringement. (5 Marks) 2. What are some of the anti-competitive behaviours SesamWare might be guilty of? How did/might SesamWare’s behavior adversely affect free market competition upon which international trade depends? ( 5 Marks) 3. Is there an international law governing Sesame’s behaviour? How will competition laws be enforced globally? (5 Marks) 4. If SesamWare had been headquartered in a country that had no competition laws, as is the case in many developing countries, or if SesamWare never entered into a contract (for example to buy…show more content…
2. Some of the anti-competitive behaviours SesamWare might have engaged in are as follows: * Dominance and Monopoly: The Company brought many other competitors and became the dominant force in the software industry. This granted them power to dictate terms. * Pyramid Scheme: The gamers were lured into accepting licenses which contained clauses which were meant to benefit the organization in the long-run and not the licensees. * Refusal to deal: SesamWare rendered other companies inadequate to compete by strategically eliminating them from the market. * Issues regarding acquisitions: The phrase “more than meets the eye” perfectly fits the situation. The main motive of the acquisitions seems to be eliminating competition to gain dominance in the market. * Predatory Pricing: The initial contract fee was too low which made it impossible for the other software companies to compete. 3. There is no single authority responsible for the enforcement of international laws. (FITT) However, there are many entities that are concerned with implementation and could possibly have an impact on SesamWare. They are as follows: * GATS and GATT contain provisions dealing with monopolies and TRIPS and GATS recognize the sovereignty of governments to take actions against anti-competitive behaviours. * Organization for Economic

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