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ETHICS IN MARKETING MINI-CASE STUDIES Read the 4 mini-cases below. For each case answer the following questions: 1. What are the relevant Facts? 2. What are the ethical Issues? 3. Offer your opinion on what actions should be taken. Case Study 1 Incredible Shrinking Potato Chip Package Topic: Cost vs. price vs. value issues Characters: Julie, Brand Manager for potato chips at a regional salty snacks manufacturer Dave, Marketing Director for the regional salty snacks manufacturer Julie has been concerned about the profitability of the various items in her line of potato chips. According to her potato suppliers, the recent drought caused a 35 percent reduction in the potato crop compared to one year ago, resulting…show more content…
Jordon and Mr. Collins, Co-owners and active managers Greg is in his second month of employment with XYZ Marketing Research. The firm is a large, well-known, highly respected, very successful supplier of marketing research. Its clients include major companies in many different industries throughout the world. Routine procedure is for Ms. Jordon and Mr. Collins to secure business in the form of research projects. Each project ends with an analyst preparing a written report with marketing strategy recommendations based on his/her interpretation of the data. This report is given to Elizabeth who gives it to Ms. Jordon and Mr. Collins who then deliver the written report, complete with a verbal presentation, to the client. Projects are assigned to one of the 16 research analysts by Elizabeth, depending on the workloads of the different analysts. Given the volume of projects and the similarity of most projects, different analysts usually work on different parts of a project. For example, different analysts are used to plan the sample, construct the questionnaire, and interpret the data. Data collection and computer processing of data are conducted by separate companies contracted with the XYZ Marketing Research company. Greg’s responsibilities are to interpret the data and write a report with marketing strategy recommendations. He has

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