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1 Situation analysis / Problem statement 2
2 Introduction – Flare Fragrance (Company Background) 2
3 SWOT Analysis 3

4 Objectives and Financial Analysis 5

5 Marketing MIX 7

6 Recommendations and Implementation 9

7 Conclusion 11
8 References 12

1. Situation analysis / Problem statement
Flare Fragrance is facing in declining of growth rate in 2008 where the CFO estimated year-end numbers projected only 2% growth in 2008. Compare to 2007, sales had risen 12% which was much better than in 2008. An analysis of 2009 strategic initiatives had launched by the CEO, Joely Patterson with determination to make 2009 better
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2. Target customer being 18-34 aged group women, for whom the name would ne definitely catchy.
3. If attached with Loveliest. There could be more benefits.
4. There are fair chances of the sales growth.
5. Customers loyal to the brand “Loveliest” will be drawn towards Savvy too.
1. Launching a new product has risk factors attached to it.
2. Cannibalization of current sales will also include certain risk in it.
3. Price is at a higher side.
4. Focus has to be put completely on it as the promotions and advertising would take a lot of efforts.
1. Target a new customer segment that id young and always ready to try something new and exciting.
2. Being in the Prestige category, there is a chance to be accepted by the Innovators, Achievers, Thinkers and Believers, as per the VALS framework.
3. After success in the Prestige category, other VAL’s zone and also can come up with other varieties to suit different age groups.
4. Apart from welcoming an innovated product, this can also build good relationships with the department store.
5. Stagnation of the product is also prevented.
1. Dulcet Brand could give a tough competition.
2. There is already a pool of competitors in the market.
3. The financial state of Flare is also at a poor situation. The need to carefully plan the ad and promo part for launching a new product.
4. There has been a declination in the sales, It a challenge for Savvy.
5. Failure could prove to be an

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