Case Study: Feed Resource Recovery

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Case Study: FEED Resource Recovery

This case analysis is about Shane Eten’s business idea to turn food waste in to biogas locally through composting technology rather than big centralized ones that already exist. He and his newly found partner Ryan are trying to find investors to start off their business in the CleanTech industry. Shane has had a successful experience as an entrepreneur in small business and is now eager to start something on his own, his ambition can only be matched by Ryan’s determination to do something new and exciting with his engineering talents. These two ambitious individuals have everything except investors.
Shane has managed to create a buzz about his business by winning business-plan
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What seems to be the main issue is actually getting to build the prototype. Without it, lot of potential investors turned it down. For venture capitals and future potential clients to show further interest, Shane needs to show them a working prototype. However the prototype itself requires an investment of $250,000, this has proven to be difficult to raise. Without the prototype no one is willing to invest in the business, and without the investment Shane is unable to build a prototype. He is stuck in a vicious cycle and needs to find a different way to raise capital for his prototype.
It seems Shane and Ryan need to act quick if they want fulfil their dream, the longer they wait the higher is the chance that other entrepreneurs will follow them and crowd the industry, especially now that Shane has generated a buzz and interest. They should also try to patent the mobile composting technology to give themselves more time and to make sure potential competitors will have harder time entering the market.
First of Shane needs to get his financial figures straight, even his business partner admitted that it was a bit off. If they want any investors to be interested he will need to have realistic figures or he will not be taken seriously.
Shane should continue to find clients to solidify his business plan; he has attempted to interest WalMart and a small grocery store on Cape Cod. First he tried to big then
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