Case Study: Figaro Coffee Shop In The Philippines

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Nowadays, there are many coffee shops that are very successful in the world of business. There is the Starbucks, Gloria Jeans, Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, Bo’s Coffee, Figaro Coffee Company, and many more. These companies have different stories to share and that story made a mark in the world of business. Some people tell that “why there are businesses like this instead we can buy our own coffee that has lower cost.” The difference is, buying coffee in the coffee shops is there is a quality in the beverage you buy. The taste is different than the coffee in a sachet because in coffee shops the quality of the coffee bean is processed perfectly unlike in sachet, the coffee is just a pulverize coffee bean that is sometimes mixed with other products like milk, sugar, and…show more content…
There are many top coffee shops in the Philippines but there is one company that is also have a mark in the most successful business in the country and the company is Figaro Coffee Company.
Figaro Coffee Company is one of the famous business here in the Philippines. It was established in 1993 by Pacita “Chit” U. Juan, an alumna of the University of the Philippines and finished Bachelor of Science degree in Hotel and Restaurant Administration in 1976. She worked in one of the five-star hotels here in Manila and joined in the family’s Jeep Building business. Her father Dr. Maximino Juan, the founder of MD Juan Enterprises Inc., which is a manufacturer and exporter of jeeps. After that she established her own business which is the Figaro Coffee Company in 1993 after a years before American coffee stick with Starbucks and Seattle’s best and became popular in the country. The concept for establishing the company is “Chit” and her friends are coffee lovers and they think of building a café where in customers can lounge and entertain their friends, business associates. A coffee that can satisfy the taste for coffee of the customers. The concept became reality and reach the list of one

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