Case Study: Filemon Vela

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by showing that he will take care of their families in Mexico. In addition, what he does is increase border security along the border for the disruption of drug violence caused by the drug cartel, making people in the valley feel safer. Lastly, what he has done is create a recruitment for manufacturing jobs in South Texas through the Project Sizzle. So what Filemore is doing in order to gain the support of voters is showing that he is taking care of families in Mexico because some families here in the valley have family that they have left back in Mexico in order to get a job or an education. He is also making people here in the valley feel safer by increasing the security at the border and stopping the violence cause by the drug cartel in…show more content…
My representative Mr. Vela has addressed these issues head on by getting congress and people’s awareness of these raising issues and says his solution for these problems. What he also does is he makes free events for the people in local places around our community and schools to help students, veterans, and South Texans. In addition, one thing that he is committed to doing is expanding the services for our South Texas veterans through the VA Health Care Center that is located in Harlingen to receive benefits such as, disability. Lastly, another issues Vela has addresses is agriculture and water in South Texas. With South Texas being urban with farming-ranching of cotton, citrus and sorghum one thing that is very critical is water to towns and cities. What Vela is dosing is ensuring that water available amongst the community balanced under this drought. By doing this he pushes to secure water that Mexico owes us under the 1944 Water Treaty between us two, in order to preserve it and enhance our water supply. These are two types of things that Vela talks about
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