Case Study : Food And Beverage

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IV. Food and beverage
1. Introduction
Drinking tea has been a long time tradition in many countries for example China, Japan, India or England. In Japan, tea is served sophisticated like a form of art. Tea is believed to be the best medicine, a secret for the longevity as stated by Eisai, the founder of Japanese Rinzai School of Zen Buddhism and also the person who brought powdered tea and tea seed from China to Japan .The Japanese tea ceremony which is called Chanoyu was popular among wealthy class and military as way to socialize and show their high status in society (Reider, 2012). However, in the present, tea is widely known and become one of the most favourite beverage throughout the world among all ages, genders or classes in society.
2. Growth and trend of worldwide tea industry
After thousand years of being a favourite beverage, tea is still developing with many new styles in present days. It ranks second among beverage consumed over the world only after water. On a basic day, the statistic also shows that one half of American population choose tea to drink. In particularly, black tea is preferred the most (82%), green tea ranks second with 17% and the rest goes to oolong, red and white tea (Miller and Washington, 2013).
It is the booming of ready-to-drink tea (RTD) along with several juice flavours. White tea also widespread in the market with the ambition of being the new green tea stated by Andy Schamisso, CEO of Inko 's (Todd and Heather, 2004). This new kind of…
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