Case Study : Ford Motor Co ( F1629d12 ) And Alcoa Inc.

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During this period of StockTrak transaction, we focused on options and futures, and I also buy and sell some stocks. Although my return has increased this period, it is too low for me if compared with the last two period trades. I lost a lot of on futures trade this period, it is wrong for me to buy a new trade with a huge investment. The options that I bought were Ford Motor Co (F1629D12) and Alcoa Inc. (AA1606E9). I only bought 20 and 10 quantities separately. F1629D12 is a 2016 Apr 29 12.00 call for ford motor Co. its company produce the automobiles, like cars and trucks. The last sale is $1.68, I think it will increase in future, so I wrote it at a higher price. AA16006E9 is 2016 May 06 9.00 Call for Alcoa Inc. Its company is about the basic materials, they supply the manufacturing & engineering lightweight metals ( The last sale is $1.61, and I also wrote it at a higher price. I just spent a little amount money on it, it is something new for me, and I think the car industry and Metals & Mining industry would be stable, it may not make big changes during the trade, I do not want to lose money on opinions. The futures that I bought were FINEX USD INDEX DEC 16 (DX/Z6) and ETHANOL DENATURATED JUN 16(EH/M6). It is mainly about USD changes and chemical materials separately. As I know the U.S government would like to increase the interest rate recently, I think USD would increase in future market, but that my first time experience with futures, I spent about

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