Case Study : Ford Motor Company

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Since 1903, when Henry Ford opened his first factory, Ford Motor Company has been changing the automotive industry all across the world. What started out, as a small company with big ideas has become one of the largest and profitable companies in the world. Ford Motor Company, communally known as Ford stared out as a family own company and today is still run by the Ford family. Today, where companies are having to sell or partner with other companies, it is amazing to see a family company grow in the way Ford has since their founding 114 years ago. When you ask someone what Henry Ford did in his life most people would probably say that he started what we know to be Ford, but many people do not know is he is also one of the sponsors for…show more content…
2). Although Ford had problems during the crash, they are not the only ones that had to sell or discontinue some of their car brands. Strider (20015) confirms, “GM, similar to Ford, had divested or discontinued several brands, including the following: Oldsmobile, Pontiac, Daewoo, Saturn, Hummer and Saab” (p. 2). The Market crash made for rough few years in the automotive industry but like Ford, most of the companies have managed to come out on top. Vision, Mission Statement Ford has made their vision very clear; they let people know what their goal is and how they plan to measure that goal for success. Ford (2015) declared, “People working together as a lean, global enterprise for automotive leadership” (p. 1). Ford is working toward their vision by making great products, having strong businesses and making the world better. Ford has not left much to the imagination; they have laid everything out for the world to see. You can judge for your self to see if Ford has been able to meet their vision. Thompson (2017) acknowledges, “Ford’s mission statement is ‘One Team. One Plan. One Goal.’ This mission statement is also known as the ‘One Ford’ mission” (p. 3). One team is very similar to their vision; people working together as a global company. One plan is to restructure operations to make them more profitable with the current demand as well as to develop new products faster than they have

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