Case Study : Ford Motor Company

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Ford Motor Co. Casey T, Blackburn Business 104 Business Organization & Management Dr. Earl Murray Jr. 1 November 2015 Abstract I hope that this meets the intent of this paper and that you learn something new about the management of an organization that I have the most interest in. I wanted to discuss how the lessons that we have covered during this class are used and demonstrated in a large worldwide company such as Ford Motor Co. Ford Motor Co. Ford’s Motor Company History Ford Motor Company, was established in Detroit, Michigan on June 16, 1903 by founder Henry Ford when he converted an old wagon factory to house his new inventions the Model T, and this was the one turning point that put Ford on the map by coming on of the Big Three auto manufacturers in Detroit. Despite competition from General Motors, Chrysler and other major car giants over the years Ford models such as the Mustang continue to push Ford forward in sales today. Today Ford is one of the world’s top automobile companies and its Ford Focus was the world’s bestselling automobiles and helped keep them from going into bankruptcy. Ford Motor Company was founded on strong core values, which has helped it to overcome many obstacles and lead to its success. Poor Ethical Choices Despite ethical issues in the past, Ford Motor Company has proven to be an ethical leader in the automobile industry. In 2013 it was selected by the Ethisphere Institute as one of the world’s most ethical companies. Ford has

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