Case Study : Ford Motor Company

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The company in the following capstone project is Ford Motor Company which is an international manufacturer of automotive and is headquartered in Dearborn Michigan. The company was founded by Henry Ford in the year 1903. The company has developed widely since then and has turned to be the 5th best automaker in the globe and 2nd best American-based automaker industry. The main field of business of the company is the production and sale of the Ford Brand automobiles and the Lincoln brand of luxury cars. Its activities are centered on manufacturing, assembling, and international marketing of the named brands.
The company has been facing several challenges recently which include the production of automotive machinery that have transmission problems whose impact has been proved to be a big problem. Pollution of the environment is another great challenge facing the company which comes both from the production mechanisms applied by the company and transmission problems of the vehicles which are released into the atmosphere greenhouse gasses. This fact places the company in a state that does not meet all the requirements of environmental sustainability. The project mainly aims at conducting an assessment of the corporation manufacturing techniques and all the necessary improvements needed to significantly reduce the levels of pollution. Implementation of innovative techniques of production, recycling of materials in production and designing cars together with machines…

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