Case Study : Ford Motor Company

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The stock market has always been very important to the economy of the world. The stock market gives citizens an opportunity to get involved with small and large businesses. This paper is about my experience with investing in stocks, through, and what it has taught me. I never knew anything about the stock market, but now I know that it is not what I thought it was. Portfolio Performance Out of all the stocks in the world, I chose to only purchase four different ones. The stocks I chose to invest in were Ford Motor Company, General Electric Company, Kroger Company, and Nike Inc. I was very familiar with all four of these stocks, that is why I chose to invest in them. I specifically chose to invest in the Ford Motor…show more content…
I figured that I do most of my grocery shopping at Kroger so why not invest in it? The Kroger Company is also a very popular grocery company that tend to have lower prices, if you would buy the Kroger brand. The popularity of Kroger Company also helped me choose to invest in this stock. Lastly, the final stock I chose to invest in was Nike Inc. Nike is very popular for their apparel. Many professional teams and athletes are sponsored by Nike, which led me to investing in the Nike Inc. stock. This company is constantly releasing new shoes, clothing, and even athletic equipment; like golf clubs. Nike is so popular; you almost don’t go a day without seeing their logo. Nike Inc. was a little pricey, but I decided to take the chances that it would be a good stock to invest in. I was very interested in seeing how my stocks would do throughout this game, but was surprised with my outcomes. Only one of my stocks did “well”, in my opinion. The stock that I invested in, that did the best, was the General Electric Company. I invested in ten shares at $30.28 per share. The return on my “30 Day Chart” is at 2.48%, and is now selling for $31.03 per share (My Portfolio, n.d.). Although the General Electric Company did well for me, I did notice a sudden drop that occurred around April 4th and April 11th. Even though there was a brief period where the
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