Case Study : Ford Truck Marketing Strategy

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F150 Ford Truck Marketing Strategy Rugged, stylish, comfortable, economic, and most of all, dependable. The Ford F-150 is the pickup truck that changed the nation. From its very beginning, the Ford truck has taken care of its owner’s necessities from hauling hay to visiting family and friends. Since its inception, the Ford Motor Company (FMC) has earned the loyalty of its customers. Most of all, the ford pickup truck has earned the respect of farmers, families, and businessmen alike. How did the FMC earn the loyalty of the people? By creating the highest value possible for its customers. Ford provided the most reliable and economical vehicle in its time.
Henry Ford revolutionized the way people traveled throughout the nation of the United States. A short time after the first model T rolled off of the assembly line, Mr. Ford found the need to create a vehicle that would ease the burden of caring for the horses that pulled the wagons and saved time for his fellow workers. The model T pickup was born! No more horses to care for, no more strapping the carriage to the horse, and defiantly no more poop to scoop. How did Mr. Ford create so much value for the people? By recognizing there was a need to take care of, a want to fulfill, and a demand to meet.
Once Mr. Ford recognized the challenge, he had to offer a solution to the problem and introduce it into the marketplace. A solution that created value and satisfaction. This meant creating successful relationships with his
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