Case Study: Forrest County Health Department

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There are several challenges that I think my population of interest would face using this agency. For one, I think that most people will not take advantage of the services provided by the Forrest County Health Department. It could be for a number of reasons such as not having insurance, afraid of major health issues or what the doctor is going to say, or they may think that they are perfectly healthy. Another challenge that I think my population would face would be the fact they may have to take a variety of uncomfortable tests and examinations and also the fear of discussing personal or intimate information with a doctor. Last, but not least, I think that my population would face the challenge of anxiety, stress, shame or embarrassment due to this agency being within the community. Some people may not feel comfortable with going to a community health department because so many people from the community are going there and they may feel concerned about people knowing their personal business. Forrest County Health Department is the agency I chose. I spoke to…show more content…
In class, we discussed how children can now get their cholesterol checked at 10 years old. I never would have thought that children would need their cholesterol checked at such a young age. Children are not as physically active and this causes children to gain weight and have health issues early on. We also discussed how this issue can lead to childhood obesity. Childhood obesity has increased over the years and it is steady on the rise. Just from those class discussions, I was able to notice that health is a very important topic and it should be discussed more often. Our health plays a major role in our lives and how we function. It affects families in several ways and they must learn how to effectively take care of themselves by getting regularly check-ups and educated on
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