Case Study : Foster V. Houston General Ins

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Wetig SPED801 Case Briefing 14
1. Name & citation of case:
NO. 14664.
407 So.2d 759 (1981)
Helen Ann FOSTER, Plaintiff-Appellant-Appellee,
HOUSTON GENERAL INSURANCE COMPANY; Inez Grant; Morehouse Parish School Board; Horace Mann Insurance Company and Lloyd Gray, Defendants-Appellants-Appellees.
Court of Appeal of Louisiana, Second Circuit.
Writ Denied January 18, 1982.
2. Facts: Explain the essential facts of the case. Tell the story of the case. Robert Foster, age 17, was a student at the Morehouse Educational Development Center (MEDC), a school for the mentally retarded. He was chosen a member of MEDC 's Special Olympics basketball team. This was a school sanctioned activity, with practice sessions held during the regular physical education class period.
MEDC did not have a gymnasium, although the junior high school with which it shared a campus did have such a facility, it was in constant use during regular school hours and was not available to the MEDC physical education classes. Consequently, Foster 's basketball team usually practiced outdoors on MEDC 's dirt court. However, because she felt it desirable for the team to experience playing indoors on a wood floor, she arranged for the boys to practice on in a gymnasium located in Dotson Park, a municipal facility located about three blocks from the MEDC campus. Because of the relatively short distance [three blocks] they decided to walk rather than seek bus transportation from the…

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