Case Study : Ge Health Care

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Q.1 Analyze the IT function and its role to the overall business to achieve and sustain its competitive advantage in the marketplace. GE health care has a global reorganization. IT should be considered as one of the most important key factor for their success. GE health care take record of each and everyone their patients records with the help of the technology that was developed during the years. They use a number of IT function for themselves and their patient’s convenience. Here in the below are listed with some of the evidences to prove that GE is a true technology user. One desktop GE believes in the power of healthcare IT to make a meaningful difference in people’s lives. In order to lighten up their belief they came up with an idea called one desktop. The One desktop idea is committed to building in an imaging portfolio where multiple clinical applications are integrated and accessible via an open and web-based approach. Products like Centricity PACS-IW, Centricity PACS Web Diagnostic (DX) and Centricity RIS-IC were already a leverage to the power and simplicity of the web, driving some more new efficiencies—and will follow more. GE Health care is making this as a platform for their larger vision for imaging IT: one desktop, one patient, and one community. This is the vision of GE how; GE will be making a lasting impact on patient 's lives that’s bigger than IT—and that will make a difference to everyone associated with the GE. Centricity Preoperative Centricity
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