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Case Study: GE: Jeffrey Immelt – Change in Strategy, Style and Culture
Sandra Armenta
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Dr. Patrick Udeh
January 30, 2012
Case Study: GE: Jeffrey Immelt – Change in Strategy, Style and Culture In all companies changes in strategies, style and culture are experienced when management changes occur. This was no different with GE. As Jack Welch stepped down as CEO after 20 years, Jeffrey Immelt was chosen as his successor. He had some big shoes to fill.
“Immelt became the hero of GE at one of the most difficult times in American economic history” (Regani & George, 2009, p. 146). Not only was the U.S. experiencing a recession and the bursting of the bubble, but 4 days after he began his term as
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148). Immelt succeeded in softening the culture at GE.
Some other steps Immelt took to demonstrate to investors that the company could grow without acquisitions were: 1. Focusing on innovation: Through a program called Innovation Breakthrough, all business leaders with GE were required to submit a minimum of “three innovative project ideas per year . . .” (Regani & George, 2009, p. 149). The first submission of 80 projects was expected to increase revenue by $25 billion. By 2007 they expect to have in excess of 200 projects in the works (Regani & George, 2009, p. 149). 2. Increased the level of diversity: As they began hiring from outside the firm for senior positions, more minorities were placed into leadership positions. Immelt believed that by hiring from outside they would bring in “new ideas, creative energy and a new perspective on the company’s policies” (Regani & George, 2009, p. 149). 3. Shifted the focus from production to marketing: Immelt appointed a Chief Marketing Officer who developed a commercial leadership strategy to identify the best marketers and provided extensive training, including special marketing courses developed for marketing executives (Regani & George, 2009, p. 149). 4. Encouraging new ideas: To encourage new ideas, executive were asked “to hold ‘idea jams’ where employees from different departments came

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