Case Study: Georgia Euthanasia

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As a member of the hospice ethics committee, we realized that this is a decision of John’s choice. We would have to evaluate his legal rights, the Georgia Euthanasia Laws, and to make sure his DNR, which is, “one common request made by dying patients is a “do not resuscitate”; and his living will be up-to-date for his family. A living will, “the kinds of treatments they desire and, more important, the ones they do not. This is called an advance directive and is sometimes referred to as a living will” (Rae, S. B., 2009, p. 215). Consequently, John also needs to verify his agreement that he had preferred an “extraordinary mean,” are those that do not offer such hope and place undue burdens on the patient” (Rae, s. B., 2009, p. 214). To evaluate
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