Case Study: Gerber Babyfoods

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Case Study: Gerber Baby Food
Global Business Strategies
August 7, 2006

Case Study: Gerber Baby Food Store bought baby food is considered a necessity for many individuals around the world. Prepackaged baby food is a convenience that few would give up and a product that helps individuals properly feed their infants. Most people, when buying or feeding a jar of baby food to their infant, do not think of the company and all the intricate details being a baby food maker entails. Gerber baby foods is the top seller of baby food products in the world, and just like any other global corporation, Gerber baby foods has the endless responsibility of running a successful corporation; it is not just about puréed fruits and vegetables. The
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Using the SAS software Gerber's quality engineers developed a system that extracts daily complaint records from the corporate warehouse and links that data with manufacturing and process-related information. The software is able to categorize information by the products complaints are made about by the criticality of the complaint. The Consumer Response System (CRS) informs executives of product quality levels and alerts plant supervisors of possible concerns in the manufacturing process. Executives use to have to wait for weekly reports then try to evaluate and try to relate that data back to distinct departments or manufacturing processes. Now executives can to query and analyze quality data on their own. They can get their data and create their own reports, and the information is all up-to-date within a 24-hour period. Executives can react to complaints faster than they could before (SAS Website, 2006). Gerber understands that quality is related distribution as well. Gerber has a global distribution network that assures grocery distributors will receive the quantities of products in the designated time frame. (Gerber Ingredients website, 2006).
Decision to Operate Globally
At the time Gerber began making baby food the concept was new and revolutionary as people generally made homemade baby food. Gerber did not go global for quite sometime as the idea was not

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