Case Study: Gerontology

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Gerontology Case Study Gerontology is the study of aging and the effects of the various extraneous factors such as ethnicity, race, and gender, which contribute to an individual's ageing process. This study is thereby, very pertinent when it comes to analyzing the ageing process of various case studies and the elements adding to it. It is important for us to be able to supervise such elements and predict the patterns of their outcome, in order to assist our senior citizens as best we can. (Markson, 2003) In the provided case study, we have an example of Mrs. Jackson who has a specific type of a lifestyle, and this lifestyle comes with myriads of tell-tale signs as to why and how she is ageing the way she is. The excerpt provided gives basic biographical details about Mrs. Jackson along with a brief anecdote of her regular routine. As an eighty-two year old African-American female, she is obviously a member of the senior age bracket, and as such in her retirement age. But her activity level most definitely suggests otherwise. From grocery shopping to church visits, from long-distance walking to climbing the stairs to her first floor apartment building daily, she seems like a woman who has definitely bitten off more than she could chew. This, blended with the fact that she suffers from Type II Diabetes, Hypertension and Bilateral Knee Arthritis, only goes on to speed up her ageing process and make life increasingly difficult and unsafe for her. Her husband, as explained,
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