Case Study: Gillette Indonesia Essay

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SQ2012 28-02-78
Gillette Indonesia
Marketing Plan

Table of Contents 1. Executive summary 3 2. Situation analysis 4 2.1. Market summary 4 2.2. Market demographics 4 2.3. Market needs 5 2.4. Market trends 5 2.5. Market growth 5 2.5.1. Competition 6 2.6. SWOT analysis 6 3. Marketing strategy 8 3.1. Marketing objectives 8 3.2. Target markets 8 3.3. Positioning 8 3.4. Marketing mix 9 3.4.1. Product 9 3.4.2. Place 9 3.4.3. Promotion 11 4. Gillette Indonesia: case questions 13

Executive summary
The Gillette Company has effectively entered the razor blade market in the main parts of Indonesia. Even though there is still a lot of potential for growth, it faces stiff competition, as well
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40% of the remaining 15% also shopped frequently in supermarkets.
Since 1965, the president of Indonesia continued to provide continuity and stability. However, in order to define an effective and complex growth plan, a company wishing to be successful needed the president’s support to succeed in the plan.
Behavioural factors
The typical habits of Indonesian shavers were quite different among the population and are listed below. * 40% of shaving men used store-bought blades * 60% of shaving men used dry or wet knives * Number of blades per year: * Regular blade shavers: 20% used 15 blades per year * Occasional blade shavers: 4 blades per year * Additional shaving products used: * 4% used foam or lotion * 25% used soap or water * 12% water alone * 58% dry
Market needs
The Indonesian economy has constantly grown within the last 20 years. However, the shaving market is still underdeveloped compared with Western markets. Hence, Gillette should provide more information to spread widely concept of shaving. Moreover, it should introduce new products to facilitate the introduction of shaving products to non-shavers and increase the frequency of shaving in current shavers.
Market trends
An Indonesian’s average income is much lower compared to the Western world. However,
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