Case Study : Girls Inc.

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Micro Case Paper I had the privilege to work with Girls Incorporated of Tarrant County agency. Girls Incorporated of Tarrant County referred to as Girls Inc is a national non-profit youth organization. Girls Inc’ mission is to inspire all girls to be strong, smart and bold. This agency has been a great place for most girls from age 6 to 18 since they opened in 1976. For more than 65 years, Girls Inc. has provided integral educational programs to millions of American girls, especially those in disreputable and high risks areas. Moreover, Girls Inc offers nationally researched programs that motivate girls to confront and master their intellectual, physical and emotional challenges. Most importantly, this agency is not only dedicated to inspire the girls to be strong, smart and bold, but also strive to reach out to them in order to provide proper care and better serve them. Even though Girls’ Inc first name was originally Arlington Girls Club with a mission of providing assistance to girls at a center located in East Arlington, they have flourished tremendously. Now, they became an outreach agency and a multisite organization serving hundreds of girls on a daily basis and over 11,00 annually. In this paper, I will first summarize my assessment information by first enumerating several aspects relating to one particular girl in the group of girls I interacted with at YWLA, summarize the goal planning, the intervention plan, and the actual intervention. I will also describe my…

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