Case Study : Global Business Revolution

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Global business revolution not only provides more opportunities for companies, but also brings increasing challenges and risks in their operations as the global competition is becoming much fiercer. This kind of competitive environment has shaped the new relationship between the strategy and logistics. Therefore, in this essay, though analyzing the origin of the strategy and logistics, the outcomes of today’s ‘global business revolution’, we will find out the changes on the relation between strategy and logistics and the risks aroused from this transformation.
The history of strategy could be traced back to ancient China. At that time, strategy was applied to the battle field, helping the generals analyze the situation, set the operational plans and win military victories. Chinese famous strategist Sun Tzu even wrote a book called ‘The Art of the War’ to clarify different kinds of military tactics. Logistics, which came after the strategy, dated back to the cold weapon area in Greece in Rome. Donald Engels (1980) said that ‘Supply was the basis for Alexander’s strategy.’ This is the primitive relationship of strategy and logistics in the battleground. Logistics served the tactics, providing the sufficient army provisions for the front and solving internal frictions. As time passed, the exploitation of petrol, oil and lubricants (POL) changed the role of logistics to the strategy which consequently fueled the war. World War II (WWII) saw the rise of the logistics, from
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