Case Study : Global Risk Manager

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Global Risk Manager
The article in question is based on a Global Risk Manager illustrating the dangers associated with the deployment of employees worldwide. The methods for planning risks discussed in this week’s readings can be used to solve similar problems in different ways. Obviously, the risks that accompany deployment of employees worldwide are rethinking the part of mobility professionals. They must have "strong financial acumen, learning of duty and immigration risks, employee relations experience, and an adaptable manner to adapt to the continually changing business environment," Hannibal says (Krell, 2012). The part obliges a sound way to risk management. While this methodology differs by organization and circumstance, versatility specialists recognize that there are basic steps to ensure success.
One specific point is to ‘be safe.’ Senior Director of Global Mobility Eric Halverson produces a monthly report with eBay 's crisis and security group. The report tracks each employee on temporary or permanent assignment. At the point when eBay emptied employees in Tunisia in mid-2011 because of mass challenges, colleagues knew "where the greater part of our people were," Halverson says (Krell, 2012). Another point in focus is to constantly monitor the risks. Technology can help guarantee employee security and additionally track consistence with tax and immigration laws. A year ago, Ernst & Young launched a GPS-powered smart phone app called TRACer that can
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