Case Study : Global Supply Chain Management Project

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4.0. Project Scope Management
4.1. Collect Requirements
Tools and technique:
Formal interviews are conducted with the stakeholders by the project team in order to identify the needed requirements.
Focus groups:
This technique is held together with the stakeholders and SMEs to acquire their expectations in GSCMP.
Below are the outputs from the requirements collected.
1. Requirements Management Plan
Project Name : Global Supply Chain Management Project
The Purpose of GSCMP requirements Management Plan is to establish how requirements will be identified, analyzed, documented and managed.
The project team conducts interviews, questionnaires and focus groups among the stakeholders to ensure all requirements are gathered.
After identifying the requirements, the project team analyzes the requirements and divides them into project and product categories.
After the first two stages, it will be documented. All the requirements will be added to project requirements checklist which needs to be completed before formal closure is accepted by Healthy Living Pte. Ltd.
Ongoing Requirements Management:
Throughout the project the project manager will ensure that team members reports the status reports. And if there is to change any requirements, the team must follow the change control process.
Configuration Management: Documentation and Version Control:
Relevant access privileges will be given to project team to
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