Case Study : Globe Ranger Final Project

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Globe Ranger Final Project

Situation Analysis
Company History:
GlobeRanger was founded in 1999 and has established themselves as the leading provider of radio frequency identification, mobility and sensor-based technologies. Its primary mission is to provide the most reliable, scalable, and flexible enterprise edge software infrastructure and solutions at the lowest total cost of ownership (about page). GlobeRanger’s iMotion Edgeware platform helps maintain company investments and ensure new edge applications by synthesizing current technologies. GlobeRanger powers some of the largest RFID production deployment in the world, and its iMotion platform has served as a foundation for several other industries such as supply chain and healthcare. After being acquired by Fujitsu on May 2, 2014 GlobeRanger will focus on the following divisions: manufacturing, defense, energy, aerospace, and pharmaceuticals, while increasing their global impact.

Industry Profile include: Analysis on ALL of RFID (industry, how its evolved) look at this from variety of perspectives (who else is playing in RFID space? What are the industry verticals that are best for our company?)

Industry as a whole
Radio frequency identification is a technology that allows the use of radio waves to automatically identify specific devices and people. With automatic identification technology, a tiny computer device registers the tagging of objects to specific users instantaneously. RFID technology optimizes…

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