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1.1 Introduction:

Strategic management is the set of managerial decision and action. It determines the long-run performance of an organization. By this management take plans, implement strategy and evaluation the plan. This study analyses the monitoring of planning too. It evaluates all opportunities. It describes threats of planning. It calculates organization’s strengths and weaknesses.

PATCH 1: Strategy Development Processes Case – Google: who drives the strategy?

An intended strategy is the strategy that an organization hopes to execute. Intended strategy is detail description for the future of an organization. It is also called a business plan.

The intended strategy has following criteria;

 Strategy development through leadership.
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• Strengths and Weakness of the Strategic development: Case Study- Google.
Google’s strategic process developed on incremental innovation. It has frequent process against the change of market demand. It also created unlimited business opportunities all over the world. Google’s objectives as well as strategy may improve in response to geographical changes.
Strength of Strategic Process:
Probably the biggest power of Google strategic process is that it may be the undisputed innovator in search engines. It has a big role in the web searches internationally. Strength of Google’s strategy is:

 The creation of two – tier management like dual board system helps Google as an organic structure. Google founders are innovative leaders. They adjusted strategy with unorthodox culture. It is strength of Google’s strategy.
 Leadership at Google inc. is very effective, Google’s top management has adopted triumvirate as their strategy. In Google, a CEO who is also the Chairperson and the two founders– is triumvirate.
 Google’s triumvirate structures also make reversing errors more quickly solved. Triumvirate shares responsibility among top management. This management makes decision as like just one person taking the responsibility. It prompts further
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It helps the Google management for planning centrally.

Weakness of Strategic Process:
 ‘Google’ does not expose its criteria for queries or even it's basic method as far as the web searches in order to leading to numerous experts slamming the company marketing campaign opaque and also hiding guiding the veneer of secrecy.
 Another main weakness of Google strategy is their background advertisements.
 Google achieved a residence sprint by text founded promotion; although its succeeding hard work at monitoring substance contain go down.
 Copy right, in the observation of several public organizations. Due to unorthodox strategy, patent name of Google failed to renew its name patent in Germany
 Google's industry retains on taking advantage of satisfaction.
 Google news bulletin, map and Gmail are awfully top. Few Google's products go unseen by the common community. It is just lacking of customer knowledge in all aspects.
 Google strategy is not open to changing technology. So suddenly invented technological gadget stays out of its uses. This is also remains a place of concern in the company.
 Google’s structural management did not adjust with inter-culture based. Google failed to enter in big markets like

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