Case Study: Google

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Case study Title: GOOGLE
Question Number : 1
ANSWER: Google now become one of the most prominent place to search any information for mankind, from the beginning google is considered to as “good guys” in corporate world with constantly maintaining there core brand values which helps to decide the company’s success rate. Google core brand values are following:
a) Since any organization growth depends upon the satisfaction of customer/user they always keep focus on providing better experience to user.
b) They respect users and value there time. So they set a goal in such a way that they must satisfy the user as quick as possible with a required information. These lead for an innovation to speed access from Google to Google Chrome. They are even pioneering new technologies & new solutions to serve the users with innovations such as Google Map, Scholar, Sky, Gadget, Dictionary etc.
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The pros for these doll in target marketing is its design which enhance the Muslim values and life style. The physical appearance and salient features of doll were attracted by complete Muslim origin in respective countries and increased there market, by taking considerations of culture and traditions of respective country beliefs like in middle east women physical appearance is private they control there appearance by wearing Abaya and hijab the manufacturer of Fula doll took an intensive care by taking all these considerations it is not restricted but even fulla doll solemnly wear a Abaya and hijab. we cannot find these doll in skirts because it is against to Muslim values and traditions. In overview these is the doll attracted and can be owned only by the kids belonging to Muslim which is considered to be one of the cons in marketing it cannot recognized globally as high as Barbie, it is also quite expensive of $16 on an average of per captia is about $100 per

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