Case Study - Grand Jean

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Case 4-6 Grand Jeans Issue: * 11:1 ratio set to provide leadership efficiency has resulted in understaffing and allows managers little autonomy in staffing capacity decisions. Due to this issue GJ can’t get timely and accurate reports from plants. * Question: How must this organisational structure evolve or be managed, in order to obtain goal congruence between the production operations and the overall objective of GJ? * Insert the diagram of the organisation structure (page 182 text book) Analysis: * At corporate level, GJ is a single industry firm focusing their core competencies to pursue growth in the Jean Industry * GJ organisational structure is functional and vertical in nature. There is an interrelationship…show more content…
Why has the current layout of 11:1 remained the same for years, when there is great employee dissatisfaction? The workplace of GJ seems to be quite monotonous. Recommendations: * Align goals with the firms strategy. Mr wicks own personal opinion of operating how he used to operate is not in line (goal congruent) with the organisations current ones . This can be achieved by aligning the BSC with the strategy & CSF of GJ. * Balance score card will assist in measuring performance effectively in relevant to this issue. For each perspective there is a key success factor, measure and measurement * Internal business processes – key success factors are quality of innovation and efficient operations, measures are employee satisfaction and skills the measurement is the staff turnover rate, employee performance reviews * Learning and growth – key success factor is staff capabilities, measure is increasing staff skills, measurement is employee productivity and hours of training per employee * Financial – key success factor is profit made, measured by profitability the measurement being return on sales and gross profit. This is currently being achieved but only the employees in higher management are being rewarded signifcantly * The Implementation of the BSC measure and measurements includes allowing managers the autonomy to decide a suitable supervisor to staff ratio based on plant size, staff skills and output. By
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