Case Study: Guadalupe

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I live in a small town called Guadalupe is located in Santa Barbara County, on the Central California coast near the famous Guadalupe-Nipomo Dunes. , There are around 10,080 people living in the city. The city was established in 1840 and incorporated on August 3, 1946.Guadalupe is an attractive home for families, providing safe and affordable neighborhoods, excellent restaurants, and good schools. What is meant by Globalization? Globalization is the process in which people, ideas and goods spread throughout the world, Guadalupe has been known across the country. In 2014 Budweiser made a commercial that was shown on the Super Bowl. What is the relationship and connection between these? So many people stop in Guadalupe when their traveling because we have some of the most delicious foods. Beautiful views of the Dunes, fields and the beach.…show more content…
In the future GIS well become important to Guadalupe because the town keeps growing and eventually we need more resources near
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