Case Study: Guantanamo Bay

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Joint Task Force Guantanamo Troopers and Naval Station Personnel participated (past tense) in a grueling Sprint Triathlon, Sept. 3 on U.S. Naval Station Guantanamo Bay, Cuba. Participants started their day off just as the sun was peaking over the horizon, washing?? Ferry Landing in a soft glow. The excitement and nervous energy rolled off the participants in waves as they prepped for the first event, a half mile swim in the warm waters of the bay. Excited chatter filled the air, as everyone around was stretching and laying out their gear. Once ready, individual competitors and those who were participating as a team made their way to the edge of the water. Jim Holbert, the Morale, Welfare & Recreation athletics assistant director, announced…show more content…
Making sure to show the time keepers their bib, they moved hurriedly to their belongings (were not wearing bibs in the water as they are paper… they had numbers written on their arms and legs). Participants tagged the next member of their team to start the 12.4 mile bike ride, or toweled off, changed shoes and donned the protective equipment to begin the ride themselves. “I love events like these,” said Brigadier General (Brig. Gen.) Jeffrey W. Burkett, the deputy commander for JTF GTMO. “They promote esprit de corps, exercise, fitness and team building. I participated with two other Joint Task Force members as the bike competitor.” Taking off from Ferry Landing, some struggling more than others, bikers battled the first of many hills. Those with road bikes have a greater advantage, as they switched gears allowing them to grab more traction as they pedaled with already straining legs. Coming to Sherman Avenue, they made a right heading toward the turnaround point at Cable…show more content…
“It helps build, support and keep our units effective.” Teammates eagerly awaited to be tagged so they could start the 3.1 mile run. Individual competitors stopped to park bikes, removed their equipment and started the last leg of their journey. Some struggling more than others, they pushed through their weakened and shaking legs. Running behind the Gold Hill Containerized Housing Units, past G.J. Denich Gym and up toward the golf course, participants were battling the landscape once again. Using the downhill portions for momentum and pushing through the strain as they ran back up hills. Many stopped to walk as the strain of the race weighed down upon them. As the runners made their way back to the finish line, some were able to find that last little push to sprint through the finish, others were happy just to make it. The crowds cheered each person as they ran through the arch, many supporters helped pace runners through those last few yards. Each participant will receive a finisher’s coin for competing. The MWR also handed out medals to the first, second and third place for each individual competitor’s age groups, as well as the group
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