Case Study: Gundersen Health System

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To be energy independent means that by producing an abundance, an amount so great that renewable energy would be an affordable alternative, especially when relating to transportation. If it is possible for the US, other countries can do it as well, wouldn't you think?

Energy independence, in the US, means that there are global possibilities to duplicate its success. The United States consumes only 20 million barrels of oil each day out of the 85 million used in the world. That adds up to be 30 billion barrels at the end of the fiscal year. Averaging $100 a barrel, petroleum revenues rolls over or matches three trillion US dollars at years end.

You see, there are too many people, I think, who think that when you say energy independence,
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Gundersen's first full day of operation was on October 14, 2014. All were excited to learn that they produced more energy than the facility used!

The team's focus is all about creating clean energy and reducing how much the public consumes, while stabilizing cost and improving the community's health, according to Dr. Jeff Thompson, CEO, in 2008. Many people die each year of breathing related diseases from the pollution left by oil products. In lieu of this, it's not surprising why green energy is the chosen way for many brands.

“We did not set out to be the greenest health system,” says Dr. Thompson. “We set out to make the air better for our patients to breathe, control our rising energy costs and help our local economy. We believe we have made more progress on all three than anyone else in the country.”

Many labels and brands are choosing to go green in their fashion designs. Designers are recycling unusable fashions and breathing new life into them. Jeans are shredded into strips and sewn together to make decorative rag rugs. Manufacturers are happy about the reincarnation of goods that were previously trashed. It saves a ton a money each year, increases profits and reduces energy
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