Case Study : Hallenstein Glasson Holding Limited

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY : Hallenstein Glasson Holding Limited was formed in 1985. Glassons being New Zealand 's most visited women 's fashion store is renowned for its fast fashion , vibrant stores and winning value. Hallenstein is New Zealand 's icon menswear , generations of New Zealand men have been loyal customers. Storm was introduced in 2007 having in mind the target audience to be fashion conscious customers who look for something more than the speciality chains can offer , yet not prepared to pay designer prices. The firm has established about 110 outlets across New Zealand and 25 across Australia. The brand has grown better over the days and it would be the right time to ignite it 's expansion globally. Having in consideration the target crowd and available resources , India gives it a good start to enter Asian market. The emerging generation of India favours branded clothing and it has biome a trend to favour foreign brands. The Political , Social , Legal environments makes it even more easier for an entry. For a fast growing country like India the most suitable entry mode would be through franchising , having in mind that the Indian government has relaxed its policies for foreign trade. Of course every aspect would have its own pros and cons , but comparatively franchising seems to lead the chart for Hallenstein India relationship. Down through the years if considerable profit is made Hallenstein could actually jump start with wholly owned subsidiary which would

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