Case Study: Hand In Hand

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Ques 1. What are the institutional voids/ deficiencies highlighted by the case?
Sol 1. The major concern for HiH was based on 3 Main questions:
• Conflict between building a sustainable organization that could scale its operation to reach even more people, and the ability to continue providing the individualized, pro bono development services that had helped drive the organization’s growth.

• Should HiH also seek to run these programs on a for-profit basis to reduce its dependence on donations. As this would hep HiH to generate profits and cut down the overall cost thus better allocation of funds.

• How to allocate scarce resources across these programs and how to compare the relative impact of the organization’s services in such diverse areas.
As it is Hih was short of finance and hence optimal allocation of funds was
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Hand in Hand was founded to address the followings:
H1iH’s vision was “a world free of extreme poverty and child labor,”6 which it worked to achieve through improved education, employment, income generation opportunities, and empowerment. Because of the multifaceted nature of poverty, HiH sought to implement its five main program areas simultaneously, via an Integrated Community Development Project.
• Child Labor Elimination and Education: HiH’s strategy for eradicating child labor was focused on providing services to prepare children and worked through a number of programs, including transit schools, residential schools, crèches and a child sponsorship program.
• Health: To assist the poorest and most marginalized groups in gaining access to improved healthcare, HiH organized medical camps in villages. At these camps, women and children were examined, received vaccinations and, if necessary, were transported to government hospitals.
• Environment: HiH had several environmental initiatives, the largest of which was a solid waste management project. This project included household trash collection, segregation, transportation, and
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