Case Study : Happy Buns Restaurant

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Happy Buns restaurant was first established in 1864 in Delaware and Ohio. Since then though it underwent a lot of challenges it still managed to stand against other competitive restaurant to be the best selling restaurant of buns and other baked products. Due to good performance in Delaware there emerged need to expand profits through growth and setting up of branches elsewhere in Columbus, Ohio. Considering that it had already established itself better in Ohio, then this other restaurant would be viable in the market to fetch profits.

In most cases evaluating and coming up with the best decision of a place with optimum factors for a business relocation or expansion is normally a hectic thing. Finding a place especially for a restaurant like this, with ample parking space, adequate market, low taxes, proper security and cost effective calls for effective decision making. This is normally laid through assumed certainty of some provocations. Year after year a well-managed business grows and hence comes the need to expand the boundaries and coverage of the business. And in expanding comes the tough questions of locality and market. For this case Happy Buns restaurant is doing well and needs to expand it’s prospective to Columbus, Ohio area. There are five different locations with different features while other factors are similar for the same. These available and viable areas include: Abberton, Belleview, Cass town, Denton, and Eddington, which are all…

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