Case Study : Happy New Year !

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Happy New Year! As we start things off here in 2016 the tone has already been set for an “interesting” year. We have the DOL still fighting the ENTIRE industry as a whole, you have the market taking a major nose-dive which follows major sells offs in the Chinese markets, you have mortality tables dictating new rates and payouts…can we take a breather already?! Now, let’s do away with the scare tactics and talk about reality...We will ALWAYS have something going on that could impact the insurance and investment world. No matter what the environment, whether it’s growing or in danger, our job never changes; we are here to Provide Safety of Principal, Participation in Market Gains and Predictable Income. For those of you who have never heard of the 3 P’s that I just mentioned, it’s time to engrain them into your thought process. To be frank, I think our industry has been given a gift. The more turmoil rears its ugly head, the more important safety becomes. Now, you’ll always have the bulls out there saying that you need to buy low…they’re pulling at your clients wallet as we speak…and they’re right! You should invest when the price is low, but you also need to have some sort of safety net for your retirement in case we haven’t reached bottom. In comes the Annuity! I good friend of mine describes the market and annuities in tandem; he describes them as a home. Investing in the market will build you an elaborate home, one with multiple levels and all the “to-do’s” to make even
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