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Case Study Harley Davidson Department of Marketing IV Prof. Dr. Florian Kraus University of Mannheim Fall term 2011 By: Veilleux, Jacques-Olivier-1345802- Vela Loira, Valentin Viscosi, Jennifer - 1344990- Wang, Yi - 1326001 - Wijma, Ludwig - 1346338 - Yip, Lu Yi - 1342949- Mannheim, November 2011 Table of contents COMPANY BACKGROUND 1 CASE STUDY HARLEY DAVIDSON 3 Question 1) CUSTOMER RELATIONSHIP TOOLS 3 Question 2) CENTRAL ADVANTAGES OF A STRONG BRAND COMMUNITY 5 Question 3) WOULD YOU RECOMMEND HD TO IMPLEMENT A BONUS SYSTEM? 8 LIST…show more content…
As we can see, Harley Davidson targets a wide variety of consumers. It is therefore primordial that they have an excellent marketing strategy in order to be able to appeal to all their targeted groups. As you can see on Figure 7, (See Appendix) today the majority of the company’s sales are based in the USA however Harley Davidson believes that by 2014, 40% of their retail sales will occur outside the USA, making their international marketing strategy imperative. (Harley Davidson 2011) Harley Davidson’s business mission is to have a deep connection with their customers and apply that connection in every market they serve to create a superior value for the stakeholders. The company’s quality mission is: a customer for life. The company really values the deep emotional connection that they create with their customers through the purchase of products, services and the overall Harley experience. Harley Davidson is fueled by brand loyalty and the great amount of trust that the consumer places in their premium quality brand. In return, they offer a fulfilling lifetime ownership to all their customers. Harley Davidson exemplifies this commitment by embracing a culture of personal responsibility and stewardship for quality in all their products and services they offer to consumers. (Harley Davidson, 2011) As previously mentioned, Harley Davidson continuously aims to strengthen customer loyalty. In 1983 they created the Harley Davidson Owners Group (HOG), a

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