Case Study Harrah’s Entertainment: Hitting the Crm Jackpot Essay

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Briefly discuss Harrah’s marketing information system, using Figure 4.1 as a guide. Harrah’s marketing information system is well developed from the top down. It follows a kind of circular flow that enables it to be the best in the entertainment experience world. It follows figure 4.1 of our book to perfection. At the core of its marketing information system is the relentless will and dedication to know its customers as best as possible. The nucleus of the core is the Total Rewards programs it offers. Without it, it wouldn’t be as successful at learning or knowing as much as it does or finds out and translate that into successful customer satisfying culture. Through this program it is able to gather information and respond to the…show more content…
All this translates into having each customer being handled more like an individual rather than just a number, who is visiting to drop a certain number of dollars. Harrah is constantly trying to improve its technology to be able to understand its customers and deliver a more fine-tuned experience. 2. Describe the relationship between Harrah’s marketing information system and Harrah’s managers and employees. The entire company has a customer relationship culture that starts at the top, with its CEO Mr. Gary Loveman. One could think of him as the chief manager and chief employee. The marketing information system at Harrah’s, its managers, and employees are all in for one common purpose, that is to know more and be able to improve service, thus enhancing every visitor’s service. Neither one seems to be more important than the other. It appears that MIS, managers, and employees work side by side and complement each other very well and come together for the best experience possible by any of its visitors. They complement in the sense in the sense that one gathers info, they put it together, deliver, learn and then take that new learning experience back through the cycle to keep improving. Feeling that they have not done enough to know enough, they still survey people to gain more little details. In spite of all of this, the

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