Case Study: Harrison Kirby

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IT-210 Final Project: Submission Gina Glowacki Southern New Hampshire University February 19, 2017 Case Synthesis Harrison Kirby is the owner and operator of a local golf course with a shop. He is looking for his business to branch out and reach more customers, so he wants to create an e-commerce website. He would like to offer less than 150 products online for in-store pickup or delivery. Mr. Kirby would also like customers to be able to set up tee time through the online website. The central role IT is playing for Mr. Kirby is really important because this will bring him more business, and bring in more customers to his store and golf course. As his intern, I received his email about conducting some research to find different e-commerce hosting services that will help with his retail golfing supply business get online. Harrison had some specifications for his business, which include; buying and selling his products online, having a description of the different products, customer reviews, and also being able to schedule tee time for customers. After reviewing the list of features Harrison was looking for, I went out and found some very helpful…show more content…
Kirby should keep in mind. One big competition I noticed was Fiddler’s Green Golf Course. They have an 18-hole Par-3 golf course that covers 2,378 yards of land (Fiddler’s Green, 2014). They have a very large selection of product for customers to choose from, along with many different brands as well. IT plays a big role with this company because they have a well maintained online website, with links to social media and they also use intelligent systems. Social media is really important because it easily connects with Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and their eBay store. This website shows product description and customer reviews, but doesn’t suggest what customers also bought when viewing a certain item, or purchasing items
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