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Title: Hatch Asia Time 2001 Summary: • Statement of Objectives To formulate a strategy that will help Hatch Asia attain its objective and will help them avoid the happening of the same crisis again • Central Problem The need to develop a strategy that will help them become a strong company while attaining its objectives. • S.W.O.T. Analysis Strengths It is a well funded business incubator for Asian high technology businesses The company have a wide scope of services and have a unique, founder friendly program Being one of the main incubator in the Philippines Weaknesses The failure to predict the possible problems that may occurs and its corresponding solution They are not publicly well known. Since they lack mission and…show more content…
• They will have more competitors • it will not distinguish their product from other companies 3. Discontinue on other product lines and focus on the one that has the great share in the market Advantages Disadvantages • It will make it easily for the company to attain their objectives. • Since the company is focus in few products, it will increase the quality that they provide. • It will decrease the cost that they incur • It is very risky • The source of other income will be gone • Their client will decrease since it decreases its product lines. • Strategy Formulation I therefore conclude that the best solution to the problem is alternative course of action no. 1, because that is the most effective of solving the problem and it is more advantageous to other courses of action. • Plan of Action • Contract with the clients that you want to retail your repack items • Think of a design of the company’s name that will mark in the mind of everyone that will see it. • Make the quality of your service at the fullest since you assume responsibility now • Make the necessary contingency plan in case of emergency • Potential Problems • What if there is a failure in the packing that the public saw? • What if the client did not agree on putting the company’s name on their product? • And the least possible problem is what if it’s still not able to attain your objective? • Contingency Plan • Take the responsibility
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