Case Study : Health Care Management

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Melissa McCaffrey Assignment 2 Lee
Health Care Management March 20, 2016 Service excellence is the ability of the service provider to meet or exceed the expectations of the customer they are providing the service to. Service excellence is important to all different fields where services are provided. In the health care field in the past few years, service excellence has become increasingly important.
“Quality care initiatives guide health care professionals in all areas to provide better, more effective care to patients” (Fundamentals of Health Care Administrations, 73). This is how service excellence is achieved. When a hospital staff tries to instill these initiatives in their practices they are saying they truly care about how their patients are being treated. This gives guidelines for what the staff needs to do to achieve the highest level of treatment possible. Patients notice when their medical staff is going out of their way to give them a great experience. Management teams want to make sure that their patients are satisfied with the service they have received. The employees constantly ask their customers how their service has been and tell them that they should report any issues to them so they can fix them immediately. In hospitals, they have their patients fill out patient care surveys following their stay. They have many questions that are answered on a scale of one to five. Obviously, they would like fives for all of the responses so…
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