Case Study : Health Risk And Sport Participation

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Case Analysis 8.10: Health Risk and Sport Participation The following is a case study analysis on Case 8:10 Health Risk and Sport Participation. This particular case involves five individuals, all of which are employed and or playing for the athletic department at BTU University. One of the individuals in this case is star BTU football linebacker A.B. Another individual is BTU Head Football Coach J.M. In addition to A.B and J.M, the other individuals associated with this particular case are the head football trainer, the team physician for the football team as well as the Director of Athletics for BTU N.P. This particular case all revolves around star linebacker A.B who recently established a record for most tackles in a single season (Malloy, 2003, pp. 160). The problem developed when A.B lay paralyzed on the field during spring training during his junior year but shortly thereafter he recovered with only slight numbness once he tackled someone. The numb sensation was felt in his arms and legs, which placed extreme pressure on his nerves. Thereafter, A.B was referred to a neurosurgeon, which performed an X-Ray as well as an MRI which led to the prognosis that A.B suffered from spinal stenosis. Spinal stenosis is a narrowing of the spinal cord which, puts athletes especially football players such as A.B at an even greater risk for injury. Following that appointment, A.B went to get a second opinion regarding the situation, and the verdict was still the same.

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