Case Study : Healthy Potion

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Case Study – Healthy Potion
Since its establishment in 2012, Healthy Potion has continually thrived and developed with the production of a unique beverage. Despite its success, the heavy reliance on a single product has begun raising concerns regarding risk management (O’Connor 2015). With this in mind, the case study is solely focussed on strategies and financial plans in which aid in Healthy Potion’s development and success. To be specific, this essay provides an analysis of the business’ ‘strengths and weaknesses relative to the opportunities and threats’ (Bovee and Thill 2014). This is followed by a formulation of strategies that aim to further diversify the business and reduce concerns regarding risk management. Moreover, the case study presents a fund raising plan in which can be utilised to aid the business in raising the requisite fund of $200000 for future developments.
Strategic Analysis
Strengths • Healthy Potion is in a stable financial position as they have continually developed profits over the past few years – this indicates that it is a respected and successful brand, and customers are loyal to the business
• Unique and popular product – the business’ product (special concentrate from north-western China, which is combined with cold water) is unique in comparison to other beverage companies, and therefore attracts customers
• Product prices of $3.20 is relatively cheap in comparison to other competing beverage businesses, such as Boost and Top
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