Case Study: Home Style Hotels

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Home-style Hotels
Hari gokul madhav Annavarapu Wilmington University

Home-style Hotels
According to the case it shows different problems both in business and information technology.
Business problems:
• Individual reservation systems are installed at different hotels. No common platform was found.
• The information of the customer stored in the database cannot be updated frequently which results in the missing of the customer information.
• The reports related to profit, investment, etc at the end of the month takes time to get it.
• The hotel managements are operating individually irrespective of other hotel managements. So a particular format is not maintained in hotels.
• Due to not maintaining the unique software or procedure
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• Increasing the marketing with help of advertising in the social media, etc can be also done with the help of information technology

1. Does it make good business sense to integrate across the different lines of business represented by Lifestyle Resorts and Home-Away Hotels? What exactly would you integrate (beyond financial information) and why?
Manual dependency will slow down the work and also lead to frequent errors in calculations. With improved computerization being involved in the maintenance of details of customer and staff members of various departments, error and inconsistencies can be reduced to a great extent. Proper guidance has to be provided to the customer regarding various services of the hotel. Validation of data will be ensured; only accurate valid and complete data will be stored in the database.
Bill and report generation in the form of printouts will reduce manual work and increase the level of accuracy. The report generation will enable management to analyze the performance of the hotel and manage the administration in a better way. Reduction in the manual work will increase the profit of
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