Case Study: Homelessness/Schizophrenia Essay examples

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Case Study: Homeless/Schizophrenia Charla Green ABS 200: Introduction to Applied Behavioral Science Instructor Shannon Tromp February 5, 2012

I. Introduction a. Goals of paper b. Topic of paper II. Micro a. Consider the personality, emotions, beliefs, behaviors, goals interests, mental health, and strengths and weaknesses. III. Mezzo a. Consider any small groups in which they interact such as family, peer groups, social groups, sports groups, or any other small groups in which they are
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Hallucinations and delusions can become a frightening and common part of the illness. In John’s case, there is no exception. He believes he hears voices trying to convince him that people are plotting against him and trying to control him, especially the government (video 1). Though John’s personality at one time was easy going, his illness has taken over and the hallucinations and delusions have made him violent towards people who try to get close to him emotionally. John’s illness refuses to let him trust anyone. John once had a wife and fathered four children, but due to his paranoia, he has disconnected and withdrawn from life, including any relationships with others. John does not acknowledge his four children, but instead, he now insists he never fathered any of the children (video 1). John’s has expressed his goals of interest to be finding stable housing to get off the streets and acquire a way to earn enough money to survive on a daily basis. John’s many strengths are pushed down by his one weakness, which is his mental illness of paranoid schizophrenia. If the ultimate goal of getting John on medication is met, then it is believed that his strengths will overcome his weakness and he will then be able to lead a more normal and productive life. John’s strengths consist of having a college education, is not physically handicapped, can speak and put words together in a somewhat poetic stance, can
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