Case Study : Honda Motor Company

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Honda Motor Company is a Japanese corporation known for manufacturing automobiles, motorcycles, aircrafts, and power equipment. Soichiro Honda founded Honda Motor Company in 1948. Mr. Honda began his career making piston rings for Toyota. He created an automated system for creating the piston rings that could be ran by unskilled workers. Mr. Honda stopped working for Toyota around 1946 and began using surplus radio generator engines from World War II to build and sell motorized bicycles. Honda created the “Dream”, its first complete motorcycle in 1949. Honda’s growth did not take long as it became the worlds largest motorcycle manufacturer in only 15 years. In 1963 Honda began to manufacture automobiles. The first vehicle Honda produced was the T360 mini pickup truck, and the second was the S500 sports car. Honda entered the automobile manufacturing industry at a disadvantage having to compete with other Japanese car companies such as Toyota and Nissan. Both Toyota and Nissan had been producing automobiles since before World War II, while Honda did not enter this space until the late 1960s. Honda made sure to do things differently than their competition. Things like front-wheel-drive, and installing new technology into the vehicles before the other companies show Honda’s desire to differentiate themselves from competitors. Honda was the first to introduce a Japanese luxury brand when they created Acura in 1986. Today Honda produces eight different vehicles with variations to

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