Case Study: Houston Independent School District

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The case I chose was one that took place in Houston, TX, in the Houston Independent School District. I chose it because Houston is where I was born and grew up, and I wanted to use a case that felt close to home for me. This case was about a student who, throughout the course of about two years, displayed several signs of aggression, defiance, and general misbehavior both in class and at home. The misbehaviors ranged from “pestering and irritating” his/her siblings at home, throwing tantrums, and becoming easily upset or angered. The student also led a lonely life, both in class and school, expressing dislike and resentment towards siblings and other family members, as well as stating that student “feels student has no friends.” In class, the…show more content…
The school set the mother up with several resources within the community as well as a child mental health provider for her child. The mother, however stated concerns over the costs of this care and the student did not receive care from this provider. During this time, student continued to show severe behavioral problems, including violence toward peers. The student’s teacher initiated a referral with the campus’ Intervention Assistance Team. After meetings and several different techniques suggested by the IAT, the parent eventually discovered throughout her own avenue the procedure to obtain an FIE. In January 2012, the mother wrote a letter to the campus in which she requested a FIE for her child. She also filed a request for a due process hearing. The FIE revealed the student exhibited low self-esteem, struggled with interpersonal relationships, general unhappiness, lacked confidence in ability to change, and was often inpatient and irritable with others. The student was diagnosed with ADHD and ODD, both results from the FIE and an IEE, which the mother had requested be done as well. An IEP was developed, which included a BSP (Behavior Support Plan) and focused on the two behavioral goals of addressing the student’s emotional issues: developing appropriate social skills and reducing aggression. The student, including student’s family were to receive family therapy, and the student would receive individual counseling at school. The student would also be moved to a self-contained special education behavior services
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