Case Study : How I Bought My Car

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Case Study 6: How I Bought My Car
1. Review various concepts in Chapter 11 (Consumer Decision Making) and see which of the methods, procedures, and decision rules did this consumer apply?
In the case of Stephanie Riesling, you can see the consumer go through the five steps of the consumer decision process as she goes through the journey of purchasing a new car. Stephanie is a senior about to graduate college, in the consumer decision making process, she is about to embark in a life stage change. This leads her to recognize her need for a new car. The next phase of the process was information search, she was not sure what car she wanted to purchase, but knew she needed something that was nice looking, in her price range and was known to last a long time. She narrowed her car search down to a consideration set of four vehicles. She did a lot of external searches for information, using non-marketing sources. She used personal sources from acquaintances and independent sources like consumer reports. She has a high involvement in the determination of information search, since this was an expensive purchase for herself. The consumer final reaches the third step of the process and had the it narrowed down to one car brand, but had alternative things to consider, like features on the car and the color of the car. She had an evaluation criterion that she set of things that must be on the car and the rest was negotiable depending on cost. Based on the case it sounds like the consumer…

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