Case Study : Hp 's Software Sales

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One weakness for the company would be HP’s software sales. According to Peter Grant from EHOW, “HP software sales and HP’s Enterprise Business line of software products are one of the weaker revenue streams among HP’s other business units”. “These software products compete with others produced by Microsoft, VMWare, and Salesforce in the CRM, ERP, and virtualization software markets” (Grant, Peter). Another weakness for the company is their lack of presence in the tablet market. HP continues to produce high quality desktop and laptop computers, but haven’t fully jumped into the tablet market. Desktop and laptop computers are slowly being replaced by tablets and smart phones. HP needs to take this weakness and change it to an opportunity in the future in order to keep the company up to date with consumer demand. After assessing the company’s strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats in the SWOT analysis, it is important to create both an internal and external factor evaluation analysis and summary. This shows how each external and internal factor is weighted and rated, then giving us a weighted score of each (see Appendix, Figure 5). After all external and internal factors are evaluated and a weighted score is found, it is then plotted on a chart based on each weighted score (see Appendix, Figure 6). This helps the company determine if they should grow and maintain their company, build and harvest the company, or hold or digest the company. Looking at the charts, one

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